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I'll be honest and say this is NOT a job I've ever done. However based on the number of emails we get on the subject, I've decided to publish the hints I've been sending out.

Anyway the problem seems to be that the top and bottom lenses have become loose or disengaged so it is no longer possible to be sure that when the viewfinder lens is in focus - the taking lens is in focus too.

Basically you can fix this by observation:

Firstly - check out the viewfinder. Only the ground glass spot in the middle of the viewfinder can be used for focusing. Pick a subject and measure the distance to it. Then focus on it using the ground glass spot and check that the dial around the top lens reads the right distance. If you haven't removed the top lens from the camera - this should be okay. Worth checking several values - including infinity. Note there should be a little flip up magnifier in the viewfinder which makes focusing much more accurate.

Once you are happy the viewfinder is accurate - you can then move onto the lower lens. Ideally you would mount a piece of ground glass where the film normally sits (obviously with the camera back open). However Scotch Magic Tape or even baking/tracing paper can be made to work.

Open the shutter on the 'B' setting and use a locking cable release to keep it open. Open the aperture to F4.5. Then using the ground glass spot in the viewfinder focus on an object and check the improvised ground glass behind the lower lens to check it is in focus too. If not remove the reseat the lower lens until it is. Check for several different distances.

HERE for some more info (not Lubitel specific).

Its also worth joining the Yahoo Lubitel club as members have tried variations on this procedure with good success rates:

Obviously as I've not tried this myself - your experiences may vary, but I would be very interested for any info which could make this page more useful. Thanks :-)

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