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Welcome to our Web site. This is a collection of things which interest myself (Roland) and my wife Caroline. Most of the contents are in the area of collecting and using classic cameras. This site is also gradually expanding to cover some of my other interests such as Flight sims and electronic/constructional projects, plus other useful information as well as links to similar sites. If you'd like to link to this site - please do! If you'd like this site to link to you - then please email:  

Also - whilst we are always glad to receive emails and answer queries - this site is for information only. Please also check out our Camera FAQ.

Of course any comments/corrections on the contents of this site are very welcome or even just an email to say "Hi!":

Please note - that whilst we would like to answer all emails - I have to apologise for very slow or non existent responses in recent times. This I’m trying to rectify. Also we do get a lot of SPAM and occasionally geniune emails don't get through to us.  Therefore if you don’t get a reply - you may like to resend the email or retry from another email account.

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Our camera cabinet is not big enough to really hold all the cameras we own. However I've built some virtual shelves which let you see much more. Also some cameras can feature on more than one shelf.

Click on the above picture to go the main list of cameras. Alternatively click below for the complete site map.

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Its difficult to talk about other peoples products without mentioning trademarks. Therefore all trademarks and copyrights not belonging to me are recognised as belonging to their owners. All other work, including photographs are all copyright by Roland Givan. If I have inadvertantly infringed anybody's rights - then please do get in contact with me.

Please note this site is (C) 2000-2013 - All text and images copyright Roland Givan, unless otherwise stated. All Rights Reserved. Please do not steal text and images from this site without asking. I also do not permit the linking or copying of these pictures for use in online auctions like Ebay. Thankyou.

Also - whilst all info and help is provided free - donations are always welcome to help with running costs (suggest $5):



All text and images Copyright © 2000-2013 Roland Givan, unless otherwise stated. All Rights Reserved.

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