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Over the last couple of years or so I’ve been expanding my collection of flight simulators - both old and new and in this section I intend to give a mini review of each and every one - including useful information I’ve found out whilst experimenting with them. As it will take time to do each review I’ve also put together a page listing each title with brief comments.

Flight simulators might not be the most popular of games nowadays  - but over the years a great many have been released - even if you just consider the ones which have appeared on the PC. I only own a fraction of them (with the emphasise mainly on the First and Second world wars) - but its surprising how cheaply they can be picked up - and also just how much variety there is.

Another question is why bother? Unlike the camera related section of this website there is little information which isn’t available elsewhere. A couple of reasons spring to mind. Partly it gives me a reason to go through each title and actually put some game time in on it. Its also a useful way for me to record and compare my thoughts and feelings on each game - as well as hopefully providing a little light reading for you web surfers out there! :-)

I had also intended to cover direct comparisons of how the same aircraft fly in different simulators. This is proving more difficult than I imagined - partly due to the huge variety of free planes available for the Microsoft flight sim products.

Of course there is also the fun/challenge aspect. I ought to say that I’m a big fan of quick dogfights and rarely play the campaign missions. Some games like Crimson Skies are fun because they are relatively easy - but some like IL-2 Sturmovik pose much more of a challenge and the enjoyment takes longer to be gained.

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